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Santaquin Utah Home Sales

Information About Recent Santaquin Utah Home Sales

The Santaquin real estate market tends to be stable when 60+ homes sell in the first two quarters on each year.  Notice in the down years this number was between 37-45.  The entire real estate market in Utah County has been relatively hot in 2012. If you are looking for more current Santaquin Utah Home Sales contact Paul Teasdale.

The Santaquin market has not been as hot as areas like Lehi.  In fact, during this same period 369 homes sold in Lehi Utah.  Lehi has a population of 40,000 and Santaquin has a population of around 10,000.  Thus Santaquin is four times more populated than Santaquin.  If you take 60 homes sold times 4 we get a number of 240.  369 – 240 = 129.  I know this math is a little confusing but if Santaquin and Lehi had the same population Lehi would have sold 35% more homes.

There is the difference between being at the point of the mountain compared to around the corner from Nephi.  Homes in the North of Utah County always tend to be a hotter market.  This is frustrating for us Realtors that like to list and sell homes in Santaquin. Here is the Santaquin Utah Home Sales Information over the past few years.

Santaquin Utah Home Sales

Santaquin Homes Sold by Realtors

The graph above represents all the homes sold by Realtors in Utah County over the past six years.  It is interesting to see the average price drop from $226k to $152k over the past six years.  A buyer in the Santaquin Utah market can certainly get a much better deal on a home that a few years ago.  Hey, they even get a nice interest rate of less than 4% if they find a good lender. If you would like more current information about Santaquin Utah Home Sales contact Team Teasdale Realty.

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